Millions of animals are euthanized, abandoned and die in the streets every year because there are far more animals than people wanting to adopt.  Many unwanted litters are born due to the lack of shelters and low-cost spay/neuter clinics. The majority of these abandoned animals become feral and die of starvation or illness, but we can stop this unnecessary suffering, and You Can Help!


Spay & Neuter

Call us to have your cat or dog altered!

Transportation is provided to Prevent Homeless Pets in Benton City. Following are the dates for our scheduled clinic dates. Check with us periodically for feral cats since we add clinics frequently. If you have a pregnant cat or dog, please let us know so we can bump someone and get your animal in for the earliest clinic.

Clinic Dates:

Call for Specific Dates


  • Dogs - Call for dogs
  • Cats - Female: $45
  • Cats - Male: $35
  • Stray/Feral Cats: $25 (includes rabies shot)

We often have grant funds to help lower the cost further for those in need.

*We are only able to operate on dogs up to 70 pounds at this time.

*Immunizations are an extra $5 each for Bordatello, FVRCP, Rabies

Call 517-930-7070 to schedule your appointment or check for availability

Pre-surgical Instructions

For kittens under 4 months of age, please feed and water them up to the morning of surgery. They should receive a small amount that morning before transporting to the clinic.

For older cats and dogs, no food after midnight the night prior, but allow access to water.


Please bring the animal in a clean carrier with a clean towel inside. Attach a grocery sack to the handle with a 2nd clean towel and one small can of wet food for after surgery. If you have multiple animals, please separate them into as many carriers as possible. If you are in need of carriers, contact us and we will drop some off to you.



Pet Utopia does their adoptions through Petco. The stores we utilize are below.

  • Clackamas Promenade Petco – Clackamas, OR
  • Petsense – Hermiston, OR
  • Kennewick Petco – Kennewick, WA

All cats ready for adoption are advertised on craigslist for the particular Petco in which they are placed. If you see a cat you are interested in, and it is located at a different Petco, please contact us and we will let you know the possibility of having it transferred. All adoption fees include spay/neuter, 2 FVRCP shots, and deworming. Adoption fees vary; however, typically $90 for adults and $115 for kittens.

Pet Utopia/Cat Utopia cats are predominantly rescue animals. We rarely take owner surrender cats unless local shelters are full. We try to take those animals looked over by traditional shelters ie: stray or feral cats/kittens that need socialization prior to adoption, those with bad upper respiratory infections, and outdoor populations that farms or individuals have let get out of control. We require the female adults be spayed if offered a litter of kittens. This often means trapping or assisting in finding the mothers. We have an aggressive spay/neuter program in Umatilla County, but we are still unable to keep up with adoptions at this time. We hope that situation changes over the next 3-4 years with continued efforts.


If you are interested in assisting at any Petco Adoption Events, Socialization of Cats, or Spay/Neuter efforts, please go to our Volunteer page or contact us at 541-278-1253.


TNR Program

Pet Utopia/Cat Utopia is continually trapping cats to be altered and returned to their home territory. If an animal is 5 months or under, our staff makes a determination to hold the cat for a few weeks to determine whether it is a candidate to tame for adoption. Approximately 80% of these cats are socialized and find good homes. It is the 5-month old kittens that are occasionally too feral to make the effort. Sometimes they are so traumatized by the situation or our efforts, it is decided they are much happier to go home.


We beg the community to inform us of kittens RIGHT AWAY so we can trap them at 6-8 weeks of age. These kittens will tame within a few days, whereas the 4 month olds may take a few months.


Pet Utopia is ALWAYS searching for volunteers to assist with locating, trapping, and transporting cats in our TNR program. It is the most underserved area of our outreach and yet the most important. Currently only 6 people are attempting to cover the entire county, and we need at least twice that number. If you are at all interested, please contact us immediately at 541-278-1253. It is the most effective way to play a part in reducing the numbers of unwanted pets for your community.


About Pet Utopia

Volunteer your Services: 

• Computer Whiz
• Bookkeeping and Accounting
• Fundraising
• Marketing
• Legal
• Trap/feed strays
• Pick-up animals
• Pick-up and deliver supplies
Contact Info
Address: Pet Utopia
       PO Box 1088
       Pendleton, OR 97801
Phone: 541.278.1253 shapeimage_2_link_0

• Financial assistance to spay/neuter animals for low-income families

• Rescue and shelter abandoned animals-primarily cats and dogs

• Adoption services for animals in need - we will transport as far away as Portland!

• Fundraising efforts for a permanent shelter facility & our continued rescue efforts

• Medical treatment for sheltered animals as needed

Education on Responsible Pet Care & What the Community Can Do To Help

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